So This is Autism

A few months shy of starting my thirty-ninth year, I was diagnosed with autism. It was a prospect I had flirted with some years before, but a therapist I worked with at that time didn't see it. Working with a new therapist now, as a newly-married man struggling a little up the matrimonial learning curve,... Continue Reading →

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Oh hey, did I leave this thing on?

Hi, how's everybody's global health crisis going? I hope you and yours are keeping safe and sane, and (genuinely) that you have not been too intimately visited by losses to the pandemic. I'm periodically reminded that I started this blog when I get an email notification that someone new has followed it. This is ironic... Continue Reading →

How Far We’ve Come

"Can you tell me what was ever really special about me all this time?" –Matchbox Twenty We found out this week my little sister has landed a TV writing job in L.A., and has been asked to start Monday! She's currently living in New York, where she's done some writing and costume work for kids'... Continue Reading →

She's a special needs girl...with a special need to kick some ass. I'm not such a big martial arts fan that I was part of the cult audience that brought actors like Jackie Chan or Jet Li to American shores; Thai sensation Tony Jaa hasn't yet become a big name here like those actors or... Continue Reading →

A Fix For the Auditory Filter-less?

Oh yeah, one other thing I was going to kick out while it's still on my mind (then I need to sleep): there's some goofy thing on Kickstarter right now that purports to be an adjustable noise filter you wear in your ears. I'm on the fence about backing it to get a pair (it looks... Continue Reading →

Autism vs. Not-Autism

This'll just be a quick post: Doctor B had an interesting metaphor for me a couple sessions ago concerning the difference between how people with autism and people without see the world. Apparently American Sign Language has evolved or been adapted for interpreting music for the deaf, adding a dimension to represent the music as... Continue Reading →


Doc suggested last week that perhaps my depression holds greater sway over me than my autism, and that I mask said depression with "an unfailing politeness." For some reason, the depression was biting extra hard over the weekend, and I figure that's worth a mention. As I've gotten older, depression has become more of a... Continue Reading →

The Designs That Speak To Us

I'm not sure if this is an autism thing or if it's how I'd be if I weren't on the spectrum, but I can get obsessed with the design of things: I can't tell you how many toy spaceships I've bought through the years (and continue to display several of in my home), and I... Continue Reading →

Stiff: The Curious Lives of Autistics*

(* with apologies to Mary Roach) My autism diagnosis actually came about as the result of my seeing a new therapist for depression, a condition I've coped with, but never fully addressed, for my entire adult life. My wife helped me work up a list of potential therapists, and it's due to her insight that... Continue Reading →

Hannibal Lecter is My Spirit Guide

My last post kicked off an interesting conversation offline: my affinity for a particular story—which I've adopted as a useful (and suitably nerdy) metaphor for where I see myself now, the limitations I must grow beyond to move forward, and the lessons I must take to heart in order to do that—comes from a greater love for... Continue Reading →

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